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Are You Having A Technology Emergency?

Microsoft 365 BusinessOffice 365 logo

Office Software In The Cloud, On Any Device.

Access Your Microsoft Business Applications Anywhere, View and share files with all your staff from anywhere, on any device, for any user.

We offer Microsoft 365 Business cloud-based productivity suite with per-user monthly billing, avoiding the per-machine cost, reducing the amount you spend to get the same productivity suite that you and your staff are used to.

Microsoft 365 Business productivity Suite features Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, a team SharePoint site, as well as an online meeting place with HD video and screen sharing. 

VoIP phone system

VoIP is Built for Businesses

Voice over Internet Protocol is easy to use, cost-effective, and flexible.

Traditional business telephone solutions are really showing their age. An excellent phone system is essential component of any business, and we can help you find the right one. With BT retiring ISDN lines in the next few years there has never been a better time to change your phone system.

We can help you switch to a better, modern, cheaper Voice system without disruption to your business. VoIP uses digital, Internet technology (sip) and brings multiple new features and services that were previously not possible using traditional telephone technology, but you can still call anyone in world be it mobile or landline.

Fully-featured VoIP solutions from NOCOLOGY are able to offer your business major cost benefits by utilising your Internet connection for all of your  communication needs. One of the most noticeable advantages that our VoIP system can offer a business like yours, is the incomparable savings you’ll see. In fact, you can see a cost reduction of up to 70% off your current phone bill. In this way, our VoIP solution pays for itself.



Microsoft SharePoint Implementation

Take Collaboration into consideration for your business.

As its name suggests, SharePoint provides your employees with the means to efficiently collaborate with all your staff and clients. Microsoft SharePoint has been around since 2001 and is one of the top business resources widely used as a powerful collaboration platform for many of the world’s most successful organizations. .

SMG Business Solutions Ltd can help you utilse SharePoint so that you enjoy some of its modern advantages, providing a dynamic, cost-effective solution for organizations that are looking to add robust collaborative capabilities to their IT setup. SMG Business Solutions Ltd, can help you increase productivity by creating and deploying solutions that help you take advantage of your IT resources. If your looking for a way to align your business’ IT tools with its operational workflow, speak to one of our expert team about professional SharePoint deployment services.

Microsoft SQL Server logo

Microsoft’s SQL Server Will Improve Your Data Platform

Reinforce your data processing performance with the Microsost SQLdatabase management system.

Data is an integral part of today's modern business technology world, helping many businesses around the world to better process and target their target audineces. Naturally, businesses are taking advantage of the cloud to decipher this mass of raw data. With Microsoft’s SQL Server, you gain a comprehensive cloud-based solution designed to improve the way your applications perform in the work environment, while simultaneously allowing for quick and easy data analysis.


cloud backup

Cloud Back Up, Security, and File Sharing- Protecting your Business in the Cloud

There is a saying in the Tech world that, a back up is not a back up, unless it is backed up!

Before we discuss reducing your costs, we will need to understand what the effect of downtime will be on your business. This will help to choose which of the combinations of our selection of disaster recovery backup solutions is most suited to you. 

The greater the impact on you, the more proactivley we will need to be able to respond and implement a recovery procedure to get your business up and running. We take into consideration the benefits of both Cloud Backup and Local Backup solutions, and a potential combination of both.

Cloud Backup means your data is stored offsite and automatically, with no in-house media to maintain. This eliminates loss of data through fire, flooding, device or media theft / failure or human error. Once your data is backed up into the cloud, it can be restored to any location, either local, or cloud server.


Windows Azure

A Cloud Solution from a trusted developer like Microsoft.

Integrate the services and applications you depend on with a scalable cloud platform.

With the cloud virtually exploding in popularity, businesses may find it difficult to identify and choose which cloud is best suited to their needs. For that reason why not turn to the one provided by one of the most trusted names in the industry?

Many modern businesses are adapting and implementing ways to enhance the mobility within their business. Integrating technology systems that will expand your access to mission-critical data is an effective way we can provide improved operational agility to your business. With many cloud solutions avaliable it's challenging to measure what your business needs in a dedicated cloud computing platform. Let us step in and guide you on what we can do to provide you with a trusted cloud solution.

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