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Are You Having A Technology Emergency?

Server Migration

server migration

Stop the risk of old hardware or unsupported software taking down your business.

Servers can have many functions based on your needs,  there are multiple benefits and reasons you may need to migrate your severs. Whether it be a strategic modern move to a hosted computing environment, dealing with a data loss incident, moving servers to enhance business intelligence, or to build a simpler computing construct, migration is an extremely detailed process - one that requires the knowledge and expertise of one of our trained IT professional to carry out.

At SMG Business Solutions Ltd, our technicians understand how important your servers are for your business, they hold the certifications needed to make your company’s server migration go smoothly. SMG Business Solutions Ltd can deliver migration choices that you haven't yet considered. Armed with industry best tools, modern practices and most dynamic computing solutions, we can get your data, infrastructure, applications, and more migrated successfully.

Fast & Reliable Migration Process

Move data, applications, and infrastructure with minimal downtime.

Every migration is important as the next and each step requires careful planning. When moving files, applications, and whole computing platforms from one server to another (whether that server is a physical or virtual server), it has to be done with expert knowledge.

Our technicians have transitioned servers of all types and sizes, and in a wide variety of IT environments and locations. Some of the migration services we provide include:

  • Data Distribution
  • Database Normalisation
  • Storage Transformation (warehousing)
  • Software (email, communications, applications)
  • Operating System Upgrades
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Physical-to-Cloud


By using SMG Business Solutions Ltd to help migrate your servers and databases, you can be confident that our proven methods provide continuity and reduce downtime, while still providing you with the computing solutions you need to keep business and it's IT up and running.

If are looking to upgrade or update your IT infrastructure, migrate data, applications, or servers, or are simply looking to get a better return out of your technology investments, our technicians can present you with reliable, tested, and trusted solutions that will meet every challenge and exceed expectations. For more information about migration, call the IT professionals at SMG Business Solutions Ltd today at 020 7898 3500.

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